AOF-GUI project

aof-gui is a graphical interface written with GTK+ and Libglade. This graphical interface shows the categories and images from the database so you can choose one and burn one image.

The project is designed for the AOF Burn Station of the University Freiburg. But I decided to put the code under the GPL-2 licence.


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Version 1.0.1

Screenshot 01 -ver 1.0.1-   Screenshot 02 -ver 1.0.1-

Screenshot 03 -ver 1.0.1-


Vesion 1.0.2 *
aof-gui-1.0.2.tar.gz [173K]
gui-bigspace.patch [3.4K]
Gentoo Ebuilds
Gentoo Ebuild Install Howto
aof-gui-ebuild.tar.gz [6.0K]

Version 1.0.1
aof-gui-1.0.1.tar.gz [171K]
Makefile-autogen.patch [2.7K] **
gui-wrap.patch [556]
image-order.patch [638]
sqldata-bugfix.patch [7.3K] ***
imageselect_bug.patch [744]

* This is the current release

** Execute on the source directory ./ in order to regenerate the Makefiles

*** Apply this patch after having applied the patch image-order.patch

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